High Flight


The purpose of this website is to demonstrate flight checklists. When studying computer program development ( similar to courses like ITSC 1140 - Introduction to Computer Programming ) one begins to realize that checklists are actually algorithms. When creating checklists we can also study algorithm development.

This is not a complete list of checklists for any given aircraft. It is only a random sampling of some possible checklists that could be used for a twin-seat, single-engine, low-wing, tricycle-landing-gear airplane. Checklists sampled here include engine-start, before take-off, and after-landing checklists.

High Flight

GENERAL Observations

Originally, when I studied ITWP 1000 Introduction to Website Programming Course, I made the observation that Firefox Browswer seems to work better than the other browsers I was using at the time. Those included Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge Browser as well as Google Chrome Browser. Following the course, ITWP 1000 Introduction to Website Programming, I have begun to use Firefox Browser for most all my casual browsing. I am enjoying the Firefox Browser. During this course, Javascript Programming ITWP 1100, I will be using all 3 browsers again.


Flight Checklists Suggestions Box

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Already, suggestions have been made that Google Chrome Browser offers a superior Javascript debugging experience to the other browsers. I intend to prove and/or disprove that suggestion to myself during this course.

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