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The following are the rules for submitting photos and screen captures to this website for entry into the galleries. Once a photo is accepted to be added to 1 of the 3 galleries, then the photo or screen capture is determined by the judges to be eligible to be accepted onto the voting page. Once on the voting pages, then the photo or screen capture is available to be voted upon to win the prize of being displayed in the Winners Gallery for 1 year. If there are no votes received on any of the pictures in the voting page during the month the pictures are available to be voted upon, then no picture in the category will be posted onto the Winners Gallery.

  1. There are only 3 categories of photos or screen captures allowed, RV6-A in Microsoft Flight ™  , Animals, and Architecture.
  2. All photos must be in JPEG format. All photos must be in landscape layout. All photos must be exactly 450 pixels on the width axis.
  3. Photos of the RV6-A in Microsoft Flight ™ must include an RV6-A aircraft somewhere in the picture.
  4. All photos of Animals must be only of animals, no people can be seen in the photo. Also, no human body part ( arms, legs, hands, etc, )
  5. All photos of Architecture must be of architecture only, again, no people can be prominently seen in the photo.
  6. All items submitted must be photos or screen captures, no drawings or illustrations are allowed.
  7. Any images that do not adhere to these rules will not be posted on this website. They will not be eligible to be voted upon. They will not be eligible to be displayed in the Winners Gallery.
  8. All decisions by the judges on the suitability of the image to the included in the website are final.
  9. The judges will decide which photos and screen captures are available to be voted upon each month.

Photos that have been displayed in a gallery for 1 year will be removed from the gallery to make room for future submissions.

Submit your photos here!

To submit a photograph or screen capture that has been converted to agree with the rules stated above, please e-mail me at and attach the photograph that you would like to submit to this website.