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Hello Everyone, and welcome to my photo gallery website. This website will feature screen captures from the game Microsoft Flight ™. There will also be available pictures of Animals and pictures of Architecture. The screen captures from Microsoft Flight ™ must include the RV6-A aircraft in the picture. To get this aircraft you must purchase the Hawaii expansion pack.

I hope you enjoy my picture page website. Come back again soon. Submit pictures and vote for your favorites.

These web pages look much better in Firefox than in Chrome. The 'inset' and 'groove' framing border-styles that I placed on the images to make them look like picture frames work out much better in Gecko than in Webkit. I suggest viewing this website in Firefox.

The question arises: Does this website exhibit good Web Design Practices? ( CRAP? )

Please let me know your feedback on this information and about my website. Thank You.

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