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The purpose of this website is to demonstrate flight checklists. When studying computer program development ( similar to courses like ITSC 1140 - Introduction to Computer Programming ) one begins to realize that checklists are actually algorithms. When creating checklists we can also study algorithm development.

This is not a complete list of checklists for any given aircraft. It is only a random sampling of some possible checklists that could be used for a twin-seat, single-engine, low-wing, tricycle-landing-gear airplane. Checklists sampled here include engine-start, before take-off, and after-landing checklists.


This site is for educational purposes in nature and is not designed to assist pilots and aircrews for flight planning or familiarization. It may be not used in conjunction with pre-flight or flight information needed to satisfy any requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and is not to be considered as any source of information to meet pre-flight or flight action. If you are in an actual airplane or planning for an actual flight, you are to de-install this app or navigate away from this webiste immediately.

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